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A radiant team on the competition field: “The Mercury Team” equipped with the related products of “Mercury Audio”.

Our team is holding countless titles on National Level as well as in Asia.

Mercury’s latest achievements last year 2013 on EMMA Asia Finals are “EMMA Asia Champion in Master Unlimited” and “Experienced Class” category.

Driving all this success are the outstanding products under the “Mercury Audio” brand.

Established in year 2008, the products were initiated and inspired from one of Asia’s most respected and prestigious installer “Mirage Audio”, in Bangkok Thailand.

Mr. Raveeroj Ongsiriwattana(“Mr. Pong”) used his 20 years of experience in installation and Sound Quality to develop the Mercury products. In year 2006, Mr.  Pong achieved the “World Champion in Ultimate Class” and “International Sound Challenge of IASCA”

Nowadays, Mercury has a wide range product line in car audio industry, such as Speakers, Amplifiers, Sub-woofers and also cable. We had developed products that we named “Kristal”, “Maestro”, “Classic” and "Revolution".

These products are well known and widely used for High End installations for Car Audio Competitions. Most of them achieved a reward and rank in 1st place.

We continue to develop our Mercury products using technology and high quality materials and components to produce high qualitty of sound.