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Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box Mercury Subwoofer Box
Category: Maestro Series
Product Code : DSP8.4HD
MERCURY DSP 8.4 HD (Digital Sound Processor) Subwoofer Box with 4 Channel Amplifier ✅ 8" Subwoofer Box ✅ 4 Channel Amplifier Buildin ✅ Bluetooth Steaming with Mobile Phone ✅ Remote Monitor ✅ Digital Sound Processor


18 May 2022

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Function Introduction


Active Range:≥110dB

S/N Ratio :  ≥100dB

T.H.D. :  ≤0.05%

Freq. Response :  20Hz~20KHz

Input Impedance :  Low level input:20KΩ, High level input:240Ω

Low Level Output :  100Ω

Power Output (4Ω) :  RMS 50W X 4,Peak Power 400W X 1

Signal Input / Output Range :  RCA Input:3.3Vpp;High level:30Vpp;RCA Output:13.0Vpp

Temperature :  -10~70℃

Supply Voltage :  DC 9V~15V

Turn-On REM Output :  +12V starting voltage output (0.1A)

Power Consumption :  ≤0.1W

Weight :  4.6kg

Dimension : 345Lx245Wx70H mm


Input Signal Type : Choice: 4 ch high level, 2 ch stereo low level,Blue Tooth ,SQ play

RCA Output Location :  Freely definable output sound position and speaker type

Output Signal Gain :  Gain range: Mute, -59dB to 0dB

Output Signal Equalizer : 1-4 Each output channel 10 band , 5-6 each output channel is independent of the 8 band equalizer engine:

     1. Equalizer type: 1st equalizer for Q and low pass option.

                                  :  2nd equalizer for Q and high pass option

                                  :  others for Q balance

      2. Frequency range: 20Hz~20KHz,resolution 1Hz

      3. Q (slope or gradient): 0.404~28.85,resolution 0.01

      4. Gain: -12.0dB~+12.0dB,resolution 0.1dB

Output Signal Crossover : Each output with 2 rank's high/low pass indepandent filter

        1. Professional filter type: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel

        2. Filter crossover: 20Hz - 20KHz , Resolution 1Hz

        3. Filter slope setting: CH1-CH4 6/12dB/Oct, CH5-CH66/12/18/24dB/Oct。

Output Phase And Time Delay : Each output channel can be adjusted for phase and timedelay, parameter 


            Phase: 0゜/180゜

            Time delay: 0.000-5.4ms,0.00-187.00cm,0.00-74.00inch

Scene Operations : Unit can keep 6-style of music scenes by preset.